Security Compliance

We monitor Security Compliance for your protection.

Assurance that cybersecurity standards are achieved and maintained.

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Continuous Monitoring

We use the latest technology to detect compliance and risk issues associated with an organization’s operational environment.

Penetration Testing

We offer penetration testing, or “pen testing” or “ethical hacking,” to test your applications, networks and systems. This service allows for simulation of real-world hacking attempts. Incident response functions can be tested as well as technical defenses.

Risk Assessment

This is an evaluation to determine what cyber factors are working against your mission. We can determine points of entry and help you mitigate these risks to an acceptable level.

Software Assurance

Our staff will review your already created code for vulnerabilities. If you bring us on early in the design phase, we can help you create and deploy code that is secure from the start.

Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis

We provide a detailed analysis and summary of vulnerabilities against your critical assets. We can also help you assess which parts of your infrastructure are most important which helps in positioning defenses.