Firewall Engineering

Firewall Engineering, part of Security Engineering

We design, build, and manage the security infrastructure of IT systems. This includes firewalls, and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for your organization.

What is Firewall Engineering?

A firewall is a perimeter security device used to allow, block and inspect network traffic. Firewall Engineering is the design, implementation and placement of a firewall. It also includes setup and configuration of Virtual Private Network (VPN) end points. These can be used to securely connect physically separate networks over long distances.

Why is Firewall Engineering important to you?

Your network contains information that is vital to your mission success. You need the protection a firewall provides. The configuration of these devices is complex. A misconfigured firewall can allow unwanted access to your network and data. Logs must be configured to notify administrators and analysts of attacks. Once a device is installed and initially configured the rules that govern the traffic which traverse it must be constantly adjusted to ensure continued operational efficiency.

How can we help with Firewall Engineering?

Grey Wolf Security specializes in Firewall Engineering. We deliver subject matter experts to your project and ready to provide cutting edge firewall solutions. Our professionals have experience within the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Law Enforcement, Intelligence Community and Commercial organizations. Contact us and let us defend your enterprise today!